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As a part of a new series, sunglasses and optical frames using environmental protection plate special combination of high quality natural materials. This new material has been published for the first time last year, is now available in two editions of new. In addition, from the square of optical frames in 60 large sunglasses and classic fashion design, the glasses legs are inlaid precious 1973 GG metal brand logo.Fashion limited Sunglasses. Accompanied by strong and attractive qualities of this subsection acetate glasses retro silhouette unforgettable frames the front shape and color interwoven contrast. The same paragraph black and the color of Havana, Havana color with honey-colored, Havana color gray, dark gray and black colors of black and Crystal variety with.In addition.lightweight comfort and excellent performance of the new glasses a single product. In addition, the series continues the brand's Temple Release concept, build special mirror feet can be adjusted automatically according to the state of motion of the wearer to ensure comfort. , Minimalist design throughout the series, will also bring a clearer vision Promise glass lenses equipped, in addition to the non-polarized setting, as well as brown and gray to choose from.

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Sunglasses absolute necessity for you pretending to be cool, even if you are not a star, at the airport wearing a pair of big sunglasses covered his face, the wind can still walk, to show the kind of star quality sunglasses now is not so simple shade, it is more closer toward the decorations, Gucci 2012 sunglasses large ad let sunglasses is not only practical but also luxury one. Season ad in black and white shades, the main tune,cheap fake oakley sunglasses and runs through to the iconic Oakley stripe trademark, which highlights the luxurious texture of the glasses themselves, more eye-catching introduction.Extension recently released a new series in the spring quarter of 2013, the design inspiration from the surrounding elements, such as the environment, urban landscape and traditional architecture uptake, as the hymn of the past and dreams for the future. The series includes a total of 17 models unisex sunglasses with different colors and patterns of the clever use of cellulose acetate as the main material, and integrated into, such as silver, transparent or blue eye-catching set presented. Which POLARIS continuation of the outline of the classic Wayfarer PHOENIX increased border and throughout the crystal tone, AL Reon with a slight flavor of the scholar and covered in black and white printing. 2013 spring and summer series of glasses is expected to soon officially visit the the global the major specified boutique shop.

Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Oakleys for our interpretation of the 60sthe geisha element collage new spring and summer 2013, the theme of this season by Steven Meisel Zhang Jing advertising perfect the overall atmosphere,fake oakley sunglasses for sale black and gray deserted background, highlighting the models are slightly aloof.The model lineup is also strong, supermodel idol to show Nova, a few carefully selected model is displayed in front of the camera with its own unique charm.Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves founded Studio Swine studio made of human hair and bio-resin pair of 100% completely natural degradation of sunglasses, environmentally friendly, harmless, low-carbon is the relentless pursuit of mankind. Sensational, even though the material is still dazzling in shape, strange design makes people feel surprised sublimation.

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Year of the Oakleys after the Spring Festival in 2013, the Oakleys bring well-known luxury brand Oakley glasses single product, and have been available in the specified IT shop. Now in fashion circles, from the Oakleys has become a unique luxury characterization exudes timeless style, which is more to feel expansive and detailed, sophisticated leather bag, one of the most talked about of course "woven handbag styles. From fashion, fragrance,fake oakleys sunglasses home to fine jewelry and other fields, Oakleys unique low-key attitude to the people in the world goods show to fill the gap elegant texture.Weird sublimation: sunglasses. The eye is a very important organ, beautiful women who do not negligent because the pursuit of beauty.Expert Comments: fake fake goods and shoddy products, cause eye irritation, swelling, severe and even lead to blindness, genuine US-pupil can be increased eyes, your eyes become beautiful long time. And not hidden in this regard.